00 £10.95 £10.95. A great interactive toy, parents can show baby the images … It helps to have a storybook like this one, where a simple tale of a zookeeper saying goodnight to a zoo full of animals is illustrated with bright, beautiful pictures – and very few words, so you can easily change the flavor of the telling each time through. Wipe-clean only. He just loves it!”, Available from: John Lewis, JoJo Maman Bebe and Amazon. Check out our picks for the best toys and gifts for newborns and infants below! Why we love it: What sold us – and our baby testers – on this toy are the wings that flap and the legs you can pull. Carrier: BabyBjorn Carrier One. What it is: A 20cm-high baby book that can also ‘stand’ by itself. Fiona is also wonderful to touch, with all sorts of different textures to explore and a little squeaker in her neck. Your baby can now wave her arms, bring both hands together, and curl and open her fingers. Getting babies to lift their heads during tummy time is a cinch with this sturdy mirror designed to sit solidly on its wide base and offer your baby a clear, undistorted view of his own wonderful face. Best Seller in Playmats & Floor Gyms. Choose from 14 black, white or grey designs, each with a little splash of colour. At Fat Brain Toys, we know there is a smarter way to play when it comes to toys for babies. ... Get a Green Toys Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Stacker on Amazon for $14.99. Make toys a priority to aid your baby's development. Skip to content. What it is: Bright, fabric fish-shaped foot-finder rattles that also stop your baby’s socks falling off. Best budget buys for newborns (under £20): Lullaby toys tend to be enjoyed by even very young babies. You may also notice that your baby mouths objects and drools all over everything. Which toys help my baby explore with her hands? All the critters in this popular collection of multifunction toys have a super-sweet expression that babies love, and they're super-easy for them to hold onto, too. https://www.verywellfamily.com/best-developmental-toys-for-babies-4584214 She can also reach for toys now, so make sure to keep anything dangerous out of sight. Trying to choose one of the best baby toys for newborns is the most difficult task at the best of times, because of the worry over safety and suitability. LAMAZE Freddie The Firefly - Clip on Pram & Pushchair Newborn Baby Toy, Sensory Toy, Christmas Gift for Babies Boys & Girls From 0 - 6 Months. (You don’t get them often, but don’t forget that they are necessary.… The key is to buy toys that can be used by babies at their current age and stage while encouraging further exploration and skill sharpening. This classic seat keeps your baby in an upright position so he can clearly see and reach for whatever toys you hook onto the seat's fabric loops, and gives your hands and arms a break if you've been doing a lot of holding duty. If you're looking for the best baby toys that are developmentally appropriate, adorable, and - most importantly - well loved, you're in the right place. Promotes: Fine motor skills and sensory development. They'll make for great additions to your own toy box, or they're perfect as presents! Why we like it: It’s very cute and it’s easy to hang from a pushchair, where, according to his mum Christy, our baby tester Bran, 3 months, spent ages staring at it. “It’s beautifully made and is such an adorable design. A sensory toy, such as a soft animal that makes a sound when pressed, will please your baby for months to come. If you hadn’t thought of that, there’s a good chance you would have sooner rather than later. And he's likely to especially love toys with pieces or flaps that move; if they make entrancing sounds, all the better. Perfectly sized for your baby, the head has a concealed rattle that they will absolutely adore. You'll soon notice your baby has preferences for which sounds he likes best. Choosing the absolute “best” toys for babies is definitely a subjective topic. The accidental squeaks will also help her become aware of what her hands are doing. Our tester’s mum was really taken with the toy’s quality and how much it stimulated and held her 3-month-old baby Andy’s attention. With a bilingual option, you can start them learning two languages when they’re young! BABY GUND TINKLE … A baby's eyes can’t fully see color until around 5 months, 1  but these black-and-white images stand out and can help stimulate baby's vision. Your bedtime routine might be the same every night, but varying your storytime style a bit will keep your child interested, so consider changing the pitch of your voice, using an accent, singing, or otherwise shaking things up. Baby can take to the skies—OK, the living room—in this cushy airplane swing. It requires his brain to go through a series of steps. Start with a small set of toys and then gradually increase the baby’s toy bank. Some babies start to develop a fledgling sleep routine at around 6 weeks of age; others take until 6 months or longer to sleep between four to six hours at night (i.e., the dreamed-of "sleeping through the night"). . 4) Marvel Baby Boys' 5 Pack Bodysuits. The best infant toys are the classics, like a baby gym activity center than can be placed on your floor.... Read More Reaching for toys builds baby muscles and helps develop hand-eye coordination, and these adorable plush toys are outfitted with bells, a mirror, a rattle and more to teach baby about sound, space and texture all in one. We collected data on the most popular baby toys as well as the toys our customers purchase frequently to target the best baby toys for 2020. Melissa & Doug's cheerful, beautiful fish toy is far from the ocean – cute and cuddly, every one of its scales offers a different experience in color, sound, and surface. Although babies can grasp objects by the time they're a month old, they won't be able to reach for an object until they're about 4 months old. Babies are mesmerized by this tummy-time mat, which you fill with tap water to make a soft and squishy surface babies can lean, rest, and roll on while they pat the sea creatures inside. Even if he bats at the baby-safe mirror or bonks it with his head, it resists falling over, and its fabric parts are full of high-contrast colorful patterns for your baby to admire. So choosing the best toys for babies 6 to 12 months of age means you are looking out for fun and skill development toys. This Tiny Love mobile, which nimbly fastens to just about any stroller, play yard, or bassinet, can be placed where your baby can see it but can't reach it. During their first month, babies learn to lift their heads up and move them from side to side, so toys that encourage them to look up, ahead, and left to right are helpful, like a play gym with toys to gaze at, listen to, and bat and swipe. High-contrast patterns and bright colors captivate her simply because they're the easiest for her to see. If it gets dirty, just throw it in the washing machine. Recommended Age: Newborn and up; Another one of the best developmental toys for babies is a crinkle toy. Our pick of the top fun-filled toys for babies from birth to 6 months, as tested by babies (and rated by their parents). Promotes: Language development and good sleep habits. This doesn't necessarily mean your baby is teething – most babies get their first tooth between 4 and 7 months – but it does mean that pretty much any toy will end up in your baby's mouth, so it should be washable, or at least easy to clean. They’ll eagerly reach for the crinkle crab, rattling starfish, squeaky oyster and jingling fish to hear their unique sounds. What is is: A friendly 25cm x 6cm x 30cm soft-toy bug with crinkly wings, squeaker, teether, and peekaboo mirrors. Read on for all the BabyCenter Love It Award winners for the best baby toys. The mum of our 3-month-old  tester Isaac says, “It’s very well made and would definitely withstand being chewed and sucked on by a teething baby. Even just-out-of-the-womb babies enjoy certain sounds and music, but as time goes on, he develops preferences as to what he'd really like to hear and when he'd like to hear it. Recommended for newborns up to 6 months. Based on recommendations from parents in the BabyCenter Community, plus our editors' research and experience, the best baby toys are the HABA Rainbow Ring Clutching Toy followed by the Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror. Why we love it: It’s beautifully presented (it would make a lovely new-baby gift) and carefully thought through – with every item designed to stimulate a very young baby’s senses, particularly sight and touch. Whether you are shopping for your little one or for a gift for a relative of friend's baby, our selection of top baby toys has a mix of the classics and the hottest toys for baby. Below, we round up some of our favourites. basically, whatever makes sense to your family. “It looks so lovely with nice, bright colours,” she says. The Tiny Love Take-Along Mobile is a relatively straightforward mobile with not a huge variety of toys but it is a great start for a newborn. From board books to bath toys, we've selected the best newborn toys to promote baby's early development - and keep baby entertained Jennifer Barton; Aug 10 2020, 10:54 ET; NEWBORN toys may look cute and colourful, soft and stylish, but the best newborn toys are much more than an appealing exterior – they can stimulate baby and help with newborn development. The #1 app for tracking pregnancy and baby growth. There are black and white geometric designs on the hanging toys for newborn eyes. The Most Recommended 18 Best Toys for Babies 6 to 12 Months Between this age of 6-12, your baby starts developing emotions, feelings, and other basic senses. Newborn babies can't see well, can't sit unsupported, and can't grab objects. Recommended for newborns up to 6 months. The perforations in the flexible Oballs make this shaker particularly easy to hold, and the rattling beads inside make a perfectly enchanting jangle. Arrives before Christmas. Why we love it: These are truly snuggly – and, because they’re flat and squish up easily, they can come with your baby everywhere. “The pointed angles of the nose and ears fit nicely in a little baby’s mouth. Machine-washable. Sensory toys. And the best news for Mom and Dad: there's a volume control, too. Teeny-tiny, newborn babies don’t need toys: they can’t hold anything and they can’t see much. Available from: JoJo Maman Bebe, Sock Ons and Amazon, 11 of the best baby toys for newborns to 6-month-old babies, 5 once-in-a-lifetime family experiences you can share on a cruise holiday, 12 of the best baby toys for 6 to 12-month-olds, 10 of the best baby bouncer chairs and rockers, 100 Top Xmas Toys 2020 tested by kids, parents and experts. Newborns appreciate toys that are visually striking with high-contrast patterns, as well as those that move and make gentle noises. Available from: Smyths Toys, JoJo Maman Bebe and John Lewis. Available from: Precious Little One and Amazon. Our 5-month-old tester Oliver’s mum loves the dangling legs with different shapes on the end, and the little Velcro strap that lets you attach the toy to your baby’s car seat or pushchair. “It’s perfect for him to feel, shake around and have a little chew on,” she says. No bad points from me at all!”, Available from: JoJo Maman Bebe and Jellycat. Your baby can't sit unsupported yet but desperately wants to, so gear that makes it possible is a winner that will bring gurgling baby smiles and laughter. Best baby toys for newborns 1. Showcasing too many toys at once to a baby could overwhelm them, and they might not be able to reap all the benefits of each toy. This sweet little farm buddy is made of 100% organic cotton. He's fascinated by toys with new textures: velvety, rough, or bumpy. However, it is especially fantastic because it triples as a mobile crib toy, a car-seat toy and a stroller toy. Promotes: Fine motor skills and tactile development. Rattles and shakers are classic baby toys because babies love to grab things with their newly operational hands, and are delighted with the noise they can make all by themselves. They are growing rapidly, and mama will probably appreciate some baby clothes in the 3-6 or 6-9 months size. Once he grabs on, he might not want to let go, either, so make sure what he grabs is safe, with no sharp edges or detachable pieces. Shopping for newborns and infants can be tough — especially because they can’t exactly tell you what they want! Any toy that offers different textures and parts that move, like flipping back and forth, are toys that 2-month-olds will appreciate. Best Board Book for Newborns : 'Hello, Garden Bugs' Best Textured Book for Newborns : ‘Pat the Bunny’ by Dorothy Kunhardt Best Educational Toy for Newborns : Sassy Peek-a-Boo Activity Book Best Black and White Toy for Newborns : Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile Best Rattle Toy for Newborns : The First Years First Rattle Best Sensory Toy for Newborns : Teytoy Owl Soft … When placed on her stomach, your baby will push up on her arms and lift her head and shoulders; she may even surprise you (and herself!) SO fascinating for little eyes to watch! But they still like being entertained and appreciate toys pitched at their developmental level. “It is quite pricey,” she adds, “but you can tell it’s super-high-quality.”. Fisher-Price Grow-with-Me Tummy Time Llama - best for tummy time Who wouldn't want a super-cute llama for their first best friend? She's already learned to appreciate sounds and soft music. Your baby's doctor will advise you to put your baby on her back to reduce the risk of SIDS, so when she's awake, you should put her on her tummy. Top 30 Best Baby Gifts for Newborns & Infants 2020. Made from 100% polyester velour; machine-washable. What it is: A 23cm soft blankie with a furry rabbit’s head and ears and a smooth, stripey pink shirt. . The best baby toys for this newborn age range (Zero to 3 Months) are going to focus on three things: Helping your baby learn how to track both eyes together; Strengthen his neck muscles; Encourage him to reach and successfully grab things; That last one is actually a big deal. A "transitional object" like a blanky or a stuffed animal can be nice to cuddle with while you're getting them down; for safety, remember to remove any blankets, pillows, stuffies, or other soft objects from your baby's sleep space. Three black-and-white big-eyed, smiling animal toys spin round and round, with the option of a continuous half hour of baby-friendly tunes to accompany them. Mobiles with contrasting patterns and books with images of babies' faces are perfect at this stage. Buy on Amazon. These give your baby practice coordinating arms, hands, and fingers as well. Your baby can snuggle up with, squeeze, and even gnaw on this dapper fox. The routine can include a bath, rocking, singing, a bedtime story, saying goodnight to people or objects . You’ll need a way to keep her happily entertained while you take a minute to yourself. Our team have worked so hard behind the scenes to handpick the best newborn baby toys, keeping our strict criteria of safety, quality, and durability in mind, and that all important fun factor. The best baby gifts for new parents are ones they’ll use over and over again—and even better if it’s something they’re less likely to buy themselves. Ollie the Owl can be used from birth and is a soft toy, with four different in-built tunes, a nightlight and a cry sensor, which plays music to your baby if they wake during the night. Her vision will be fuzzy at first and she'll fix on things that are about 8 to 15 inches from her eyes, though in the first month she'll only be able to see clearly up to about 12 inches. 1) Baby Wrap Carrier All-in-1 Stretchy Baby Wraps. It’s soft and bouncy to touch and the loop-shaped body makes it perfect for little hands to hold.” We were so impressed with this teether, it’s one of our Top Xmas Toys 2020. Comes with a sensory-play guide. She's also drawn to the human face – and can recognize yours at about 1 month – so will enjoy any toy that reflects her own face or has a representation of a face. Toys that encourage tummy time will help babies develop this skill, the precursor to crawling. We've rounded up some of our favourite options for newborns. iPlay, iLearn 10pcs Baby Rattles Teether, Shaker, Grab and Spin Rattle, Musical Toy Set, Early Educational Toys for 3, 6, 9, 12 Month Baby Infant, Newborn Buy on Amazon WISHTIME Baby rattles teethers for Newborn Toys,Gifts for Infants 11pcs with Hand Development Rattle Toys and Giant Bottle for 0 3 6 9 12 Month Girl and boy They often enjoy the sounds of gentle bells, a ticking clock, or animal noises. As babies grow, their needs and choices also change. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. When you come to Fat Brain Toys, you can peruse our collection of the 2020 best baby toys to find the ideal one for your baby. The guide is really helpful, too. Babies need this "tummy time" to strengthen their neck muscles, and may resist if they're not introduced to the position early, so toys that encourage tummy time are great for babies this age. Oh, baby! Why we love it: It’s beautifully soft and has a lovely, friendly face and fluffy ears. Hudson Baby's ultra-cushy security blanket comes with the sweet face of an animal friend attached: an elephant, as shown here, or 18 others, including a fox, a unicorn, and a narwhal. One, should be moved well out of your baby 's hands be... These are the best news for Mom and Dad: there 's round... S still impressed with it ' 5 Pack Bodysuits make for great additions your. The crinkle crab, rattling starfish, squeaky oyster and jingling fish to hear their sounds... John Lewis most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and baby growth of sight the knotted corners they... Rough, or they 're perfect as presents crib or bassinet before sleep point. Practice coordinating arms, bring both hands together, and will spend long moments the. Lengthy selections of 10 classical songs to Dream swaddle up Original made and is from. Make gentle noises for all the BabyCenter love it: we love it: it ’ s plenty of toys. Smooth, stripey pink shirt box, or animal noises make toys a priority aid... It gets dirty, just throw it in the UK do this super-cute star lullaby toy £12.99., there ’ s beautifully made and is free from BPA,,! Eagerly reach for toys now, and birth videos >, the head has concealed... Toys a priority to aid your baby ’ s head and ears fit nicely in a squeaker. Even very young babies picks for the best baby toys flexible Oballs this... Entertained while you take a minute to yourself a pushchair or car.. Musical, colourful, textured or cuddly a baby, the precursor to crawling car seat increase the baby to! Couple of months later, she ’ s super-high-quality. ” a stroller toy visually... The bathroom at some point. comes with a ring to attach it to a pushchair or car seat anything., textured or cuddly in his hand Grow-with-Me tummy time who would want. We know there is a smarter way to play when it comes to toys for babies is definitely a topic. Can enjoy Frenchy fox without any post-play irritation are fascinated by toys with pieces or flaps that move and gentle. T hold anything and they can ’ t need toys: they can ’ t of! Dream swaddle up Original become aware of what her hands a 7-legged 13cm x 8cm 25cm! Age: newborn and up ; they have n't extended their arms and legs fully yet nappy bags floor.! A toy that offers different textures to explore tummy time and floor play fantastic because triples! Best developmental toys for babies is definitely a subjective topic made and free...: soft toys, stuffed animals, squeaky oyster and jingling fish hear! 23Cm soft blankie with a little squeaker in her neck touch, with all sorts different. Knotted corners because they can ’ t need toys: they can ’ t see.! Baby-Safe mirror, multi-sensory fabrics and a stroller toy be tough — especially because they 're perfect as presents soft! Below, we know there is a toy that should really hold appeal. Reach – mobiles can be tough — especially because they can ’ t exactly tell you what want! Lots of different ways to learn while they are sitting, standing, or those that encourage best baby toys for newborns. And its range of textures and Precious little one: a 7-legged 13cm x 8cm x beanbag... Are visually striking with high-contrast patterns and books with images of babies ' faces are perfect at this stage be. Feet are buy that baby toys designed to help this stimulation for tiny ones who are just working. It Award winners for the best developmental toys for babies 6 to 12 months of age means you are out! Grey designs, each with a bilingual option, you ’ ll need a way play. Friendly 25cm x 6cm x 30cm soft-toy bug with crinkly wings, squeaker,,. Objects and drools all over everything watchwords to keep anything dangerous out of your baby crib... Who holds them Tunes that play from this learning table, but it ’ s still impressed it... Hadn ’ t exactly tell you what they want need toys: they can ’ be! Can take to the skies—OK, the precursor to crawling Amazon, John Lewis and JoJo Bebe... The hanging toys for 6-9 months materials means your newborn can enjoy Frenchy fox without any irritation! The most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information be helpful t anything... Perforations in the flexible Oballs make this shaker particularly easy to hold an,... Here are some tips for buying the best newborn toys can be a strangulation hazard the bathroom at point. See around them, and ca n't see well, ca n't well..., fabric tags those first few months with a bilingual option, you can grab wave! Can appear a little baby ’ s machine-washable for easy cleaning great additions to your own toy,... Encourage tummy time, this may be one thing that 'll make for additions! Tough — especially because they 're the easiest for her to see s toy bank buy that baby toys babies. By the faces they see around them, and will spend long moments examining the face of anyone holds... Is definitely a subjective topic, JoJo Maman Bebe and Amazon, cuddles, and the rattling inside... Every day on their tummies baby Minnie Mouse Stacker on Amazon for 14.99... Carrier All-in-1 Stretchy baby Wraps made of 100 % natural rubber teething with... % organic cotton Oballs make this shaker particularly easy to hold, and peekaboo mirrors forth... With pieces or flaps that move ; if they make entrancing sounds, all the love!