If you're a regular shooter who can afford the extra second to push a power button, buy an EOTech and enjoy shooting it. The M5 and T2 are both quality models. 01-26-15, 23:03. JiminAZ. With an EOTech double A battery model, a smart assaulter would change batteries literally every night, a pre-party ritual as sure as tying your boots. 1 to 4). The Aimpoint had a much better battery life, something like 6 months on high, even back then. The most popular unit is the M2 although the brand’s offerings also include Aimpoint comp m5 vs T2. . The Eotech reticule is probably better suited for CQC, while the Aimpoint does everything else. The Details The methodology for this ballistic exercise was as follows . 8, and more than 10 years at NVD settings (pos. Aimpoint AB is a Swedish optics company founded 40+ years ago in 1974. For me the adjustable diopter on the EOTech trumps everything else. So, it comes down to this: if you are LEO or .mil and will need your weapon to be ready in an instant, buy an Aimpoint, turn it on, and leave it on. Eotech was great but I like leaving the Aimpoint on. About AR15.COM. The Aimpoint ® CompM5b allows the user to quickly adjust the position of the reticle to compensate for ballistic drop for the distance to the target. Top 5 Red Dot Optics. It takes me from a fuzzy dot to a clear dot … I really liked the large field of view on the Eotech though. An EOTech's biggest draw is the larger, superior viewing window. The battery life for the CompM5 is over 5 years of continuous use while at the pos. Cost is about $925 retail. In 2007 Aimpoint released the best red dot ever made, the Aimpoint Micro series (T1/H1/S1). As one of the top brands, Aimpoint credits their products in use of law enforcement as well as civil defense. The CompM5 allows for unlimited eye relief and is compatible with Aimpoint 3XMag-1 and 6XMag-1 magnifiers as well as all generations of Night Vision Devices (NVD). They also fill very different roles. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - Aimpoint T2 vs Comp M5. 7, more than 1 year of use at pos. . Thirteen years later and still nothing has come close to outdoing it. U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)-For many, red dot sights have fallen in popular use within the recreational shooting realm in favor of low-power variable optics. The Aimpoint CompM5 series of sights is a hybrid between the well-known models CompM4 and the Micro T-2. Is the CompM5s the best of two worlds? Here is what Aimpoint has to say about their Comp M5B. That, plus the rather HUGE difference in price ($550 vs $821) between Eotech and Aimpoint+mount made that decision a no-brainer for me. The Aimpoint had a legendary name in reliability, though the original EOTech was catching up. Aimpoint is one finest red dot sights worldwide recognized. AR-15 AK-47 Handgun Precision Rifles Armory Training Competitive Shooting General Outdoors Archery Hometown Industry. Like the other M5 sights, the Aimpoint M5B uses a 2 MOA red dot and is as simple as Aimpoint optics have always been. Shooting from the bench-rest set-up with the Aimpoint Comp M5 atop the precision AR-15 at the initial distance of 7 yards, an 8-shot control group was fired with the red-dot centered in the sight window. I bought it from a local shop and mounted it on my Heckler & Koch MR223. With the Aimpoint CompM5s in my possession since springtime, it’s now time to come to a conclusion. The brand produces a wide range of models, including those in the Comp series. ARCHIVED; AR-15 » Optics, Mounts, and Sights. AR15.COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. With a varied array of products over time, it is such an intricate puzzle for shooters to single out the best Aimpoints for AR15.. We’re here to help you out in this mission. That's why I got rid of my EXPS2-0 and replaced it with a comp M3.