Rangilo Re is going to be held at Nesco Center, the new-age cultural and social hub. You can find this venue buzzing with exhibitions and events around the year. The plush and expansive Nesco Center has been conceptualized and built as a self-sustained entertainment zone. It is well-equipped with ample parking, food zones offering a wide array of cuisines, access to Wifi, entertainment grounds, and the exhibition and convention center. It has been designed to facilitate the most grand, the most demanding and the most elaborate events. Nesco Center is a favourite venue amongst exhibitors and top brands. It's next to impossible to find such a huge and dedicated venue in this space-starved city that is Mumbai.

Rangilo Re is brought to you by Nesco Events the events division of Nesco, a diversified conglomerate and a publicly-listed entity. Nesco Events embodies the pedigree and passion of its parent company Nesco which was founded way back in 1939.

Rangilo Re

This Navratri when Mumbai twirls and swirls to the irresistible beat of Dandiya, an exclusive group of Mumbaites will celebrate Navratri in a contemporary and luxurious manner. They will experience authentic Navratri replete with Garbo and Dandiya, and a mesmerising musical experience topped off with delicious Gujarati cuisine - all this in an air-conditioned atmosphere!

Rangilo Re is a spectacular reinvention of the way Navratri is celebrated. It's a plush way to rejoice during Navratri while ensuring the most authentic and lavish experience for your family. It transports the best of culture and cuisine from Gujarat to Mumbai. Dandiya nights or ‘Dandiya nites’ as they are popularly known in Mumbai will never be the same again.  

Since Rangilo Re is being conducted in an indoor venue, dance and festivities will continue beyond 10 pm on all 9 days! Revellers also get top-of- the-line facilities like ample parking, stalls serving authentic Gujarati cuisine, stalls displaying handicrafts and ethnic tattoo stalls.


Season 3 | 29 September 2019 to 7 October 2019

Season 2 | October 10 -19, 2018